Olbis - les ateliers

At MyArmy, we are fortunate to work with a golden team to manage your orders and packages with care.

Olbis les Ateliers, offers work to everyone in order to prevent social exclusion, professional exclusion, and to promote the reintegration and professional retraining of a maximum number of people and provide quality services.

Olbis is a workplace with a soul, based on openness, inclusion, the individual, and positivity; proven, progressive reintegration methods; clear, inspiring working conditions that allow each person to regain confidence, autonomy, and the desire to rebound.

We have networked our services and are doing what is necessary to ensure that they remain connected to the labor market but also adapted to the changing needs of individuals, our clients (the State of Vaud, social foundations and associations) and our customers, the companies that buy our products.

Blaise Raccaud bijouterie

For the creation of your personalized battle rings, MyArmy works with Blaise Raccaud's jewelry store in Lausanne. 

Blaise Raccaud is a young independent craftsman who has made his passion his profession. He creates unique pieces with noble metals, stones, pearls and wood species, according to the customer's choice.

Everything is made and created on site, in Lausanne. Blaise Raccaud takes great care not to use materials that come from war-torn or abusive regions.