Swiss Army badge and clothes,

embroidered 100% custom 💪🏻

Badges, Hoodies, Trainings, T-shirts, Sport pants, Flags, Keychains, …

✓ Texts, logos and individual names embroidered or printed

✓ Free design, conception and delivery

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with badge, sweater, t-shirt, shorts, training, flag, key ring, stickers!

Free design

Send us a drawing and we will design your product for free!

100% Customizable

Everything is customizable and individual names can be embroidered on the clothes.

Swiss quality

Logos and texts are embroidered and the materials are of the highest quality.

Top work 👌🏻

A team that listens and delivers extraordinary quality. Thank you!

Very correct commercial action and quality material! I recommend that you use for your section sweaters or any other material related to the army!

Damien Ruedi


Excellent quality!

Order process and quick consultation via Whatsapp 💪🏻

Silvan Ramon Preisig

MP Grenadier

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Badges, sweatshirts, t-shirt, shortpants, sweatpants, flags, keychains and stickers