MyArmy Creation

The MyArmy brand was created by two brothers who during their service in the military understood the importance of support, teamwork and the feeling of belonging to the army. 

They wanted to keep a souvenir from their experience in the army and thus gradually developed the brand MyArmy making 100% customizable army clothing and badges for sections and companies of the Swiss Army.

It has now evolved into a company based in Lausanne motivated by the same aim and values. 

Our mission

We believe in diversity and unity which are at the core of our brand and we are committed to doing everything we can to satisfy each and everyone of our customers.

We wish, through our products, to promote and exert the feeling of belonging and camaraderie that soldiers share during their military service.

Our products are meant to reach everyone who feels proudly involved with the swiss armed forces. We are hoping to share these values with our customers and to make others feel closer to what we believe in.

Our main values

Respect, listening & flexibility 
Transparency & honesty
Attention to details, thoroughness & doing our very best


MyArmy always stands by its customers and ensure satisfaction through high standards of service, quality, 100% customizable products.


MyArmy offers lifetime warranty on all the products. If the customer is not satisfied with the result of their order, MyArmy will start from scratch so that it meets customer expectations.